This is the most important (followed by the cell chip) product for every home or space. It's the first and most important product that we suggest.

All homes, condos, apartments, and businesses should use this product.

This product remediates the EMF challenges coming from outside of the home, such as cell towers, 5g, smart meters, powerlines, scada poles, neighbors' wifi, etc. 

This product also remediates the weaker EMF-emitting devices from inside the home. (Like basic electrical devices and all types of lights.)

Note: The stronger the EMF devices that we use by touching (or are very close to) will be improved with the home harmonizer, but to fully remediate these properly, it is necessary to use a cell chip, laptop chip, or device chip directly on them. These stronger wifi and bluetooth devices include: cell phones, laptops, tablets, wifi routers, gaming stations, and bluetooth baby monitors. It is also important to use a device chip on all rotating electric motor devices life fans, inside A/C units, air purifiers. 

This product is installed normally outside next to the electric meter, but can also be installed inside next to your fuse box. 

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Important FYI- you may detox. About 20% of those who remediate their home and devices experience a detox for one day, a few days, or rare cases longer.Although this is a super positive sign of good things happening, it can feel "icky". If you detox, slowly implement the products one at a time every 1 to 3 days.